The ancient and magic village of Mataluni, later defined Maddaloni accommodates The “Refuge of the Templars”, an extraordinary place for events, come out from a careful and accurate restoration of an ancient noble Palace, dated XVth century.

Today the building keeps its original and memorable architecture, although the passing of centuries offering images and sensations of a striking place, populated by the legendary temerarious warriors – the Templars – who, during the Crusades, faugth to defend the high values of Christianity. Into the “sottocantina” of the building the Red Cross knights gathered to refresh themselves, before proceeding with their road along “via Appia” towards the Holy Land. What most make this Palace much more prestigious are two “two-screws” winepresses, one dated 1464 and the other 1848, both still perfectly maintened. Thanks to its spirit, full of evocative appeals to the past, “Il Rifugio dei Templari” offers the possibility to enjoy an adventurous encounter among history, environment and good taste to its visitors.

At the main entrance the Palace, a vast courtyard enables to organize outdoor events and welcome buffets so as to have an immediate experience of the local flavours and with the extraordinarily friendly staff. The location has 3 rooms for 100 seats served by a modern and equipped cooking, ready to satisfy every needs and desires. The fireplace and the other historical elements work as a valid frame to all kinds of events. At the back of the Palace, the garden is surrounded by the old walls of the structure among orange trees and original tools once belonged to the Templars.

This is the right place for events and refreshments under the open sky. A magic location where to breathe old times’emotions; inside the temperature is constant all the year so that is possible to organize events and tasting of local specialties. Our chefs are always in the search of the best products to offer delicious recipes between history and magie.